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littlemaggiemae asked: your my inspiration! <3 i love your blog and your modeling and u make me want to do so much more!! <3

aw thank you <3 I’m so happy to hear that!

littlemaggiemae asked: i love you :"D ! are you the real Brittany Vitale!?? or just a blog about her ?

Its the real me :)

brittneyriot asked: Your blog is great! It's kind of inspiring, I used to do photography but I some what had to quit... But you are lovely! <3

Thank you xD! And don’t quit, it’s important to have an outlet to express yourself

aeroxy asked: Cute stuffs!

:) thanks!

hidebeneaththephysical-deactiva asked: you are adorable

thank you ^.^

I wonder who I’d be, who’d you be if we were stripped of societal embedments. Over stimulated, over medicated, under educated about all the right things. They steal your soul and sell it back to you as art. When everyday should be living breathing art. Humans have the magical capability to make each day count, each day special,  different, learn, try again but instead were blinded and misguided. Malnourished from birth, were fed the wrong things. We worry about money, control, status, power and when you die what does it matter.  Our brains are so vast to explore but they’ve got us mesmerized with paper, shiny things, being “accomplished”, happy meals and facebook. You think your free but you dont even realize youve already inlisted as an internet zombie.
Wake up wake up wake up.
Go outside
get lost
lose yourself
do things that make you afraid
This isn’t a case of Us. vs Them
It’s Us. vs. Ourselves
Realizing these things and being the change
my sinister sister Jes Leppard.
Anxiety strikes like midnight, I hate that dark cloud that visits every night like the ghost you can’t sage away. The familiar feeling of your heart being held hostage in your chest, you’d pay anything to have it back. The world sleeps as I toss through the witching hours. These shadow creatures come out to play house in my mind, coloring my memories black until I finally closes my eyes and let them slip away.

thereisnotomorrow asked: Love your blog! and your style is awesome! i see your a crashdiet fan, what other bands do you like?

Aw thank you <3 It’s hard to say I love all kinds of rock n roll. No Doubt, Muse, The Cure, The Vines, Guns & Roses, Radiohead, Aerosmith, Death from Above 1979, Gorillaz, Joan Jett…it’s never ending haha